Join our trip to meet these ethereal mammals in the warm and pristine ocean water of Bazaruto
Mozambique especially Bazaruto islands is a whale watching destination second to none you can see these majestic marine giants between June and September as they travel to the warmth of the Indian Ocean to mate and have their calves.

You will meet the magnificent migratory Southern Right whales and the Humpback whales as they swim past the East African coastline. The humpback whales sing spine-chilling songs – the male makes the long, loud, complex “songs” for which the species is famous and which can last up to 20 minutes long. Humpbacks may sing continuously for more than 24 hours but because they have no vocal cords, these whales sing by forcing air through their massive nasal cavities!

The Southern Right Whale has a hairier head than most other whales and is recognized for its huge callosities or horny growths on its head behind the blowhole, on the chin and around the eyes and lower lip. These whales have two blowholes so when they blow, the water makes a particular shape in the air above them. Females can be more than 15 metres long and 54 tons in weight!.
We offer to our customer special daily whale watching trip by fully equipped motorboat; our experienced skipper we will pick up you at your staying and we will sail in the open see just near San Sebastian, this is the best area for sighting, you will have more than 2 hours enjoying whale watching.

We will offer whale watching trip:
Standard trip Vilanculos-San Sebastian starting from 90 $ per person (morning 8.30 – 12.00; afternoon 12.30 – 16.30).  Special stop can be arranged in Magaruque Island for lunch and snorkeling session additional cost 25 $ per pererson.
Amazing whale watching daily trip Vilanculos-San Sebastian-Bazaruto starting from 150 $ per person.

Trip will include whale watching session in San Sebastian and Bazaruto, snorkeling in the Two Miles reef, lunch will be served on Bazaruto main beach. Trip will start 8.30 am coming back is planned around 16.30.