Major Mozambique banks are present in Vilanculos (BIM, Standard Bank, BIC) ensuring you cash each day by ATM machine, the only point to take in mind is that some of them are applying daily withdrawal limit, so depending of how much do you will need you are at risk to go there more than one time.
 Hotels, shops and restaurants in the town and nearby are accepting all major credit cards are, usually an additional 5 % is charged due to bank cost for each credit card payment.
 To all of you that will get Tourist Visa directly in the Vilanculos airport please remember to have cash with you as they will just accept payment by cash (by Metical, USD dollar, Euro and Rand).
 To make life easier to our customers Sunset Dhow Safari is proposing Pay Pal payment; we are glad to provide you this service as we consider it very valuable due to the following:
  • you will save time to find the ATM machine
  • do not have the 5% charge in case of credit card payment
  • you will avoid traveling with lot of cash with you
 Pay Pal is ensuring you an easy and secure payment; as soon transfer will be confirmed we will send you the voucher including trip details.
 Our Team will wait you for a safe and enjoyable trip to discover the pristine Bazaruto Islands.
 We hope that our information could be helpful to organize your travel to Vilanculos and we hope having you on board of our trip to discover the amazing Bazaruto archipelago.
Sailing regards