Santa Carolina Island, situated on the west side of the Bazaruto island is one of best in the Bazaruto Archipelago.

It has got a prestine and best reef of the Indian Ocean with thousands of different types of fish, coloured corals (blue, green, red, yellow and white), starfish.

The best spot for snorkeling is located just near a gold sandy beach where during low tide you can relax; the biggest advantage of snorkelling at this reef is that you can snorkel all day round as long as you have got the energy.                        

Although it is the furthest island from the mainland Vilankulo, you not even feel the distance because of the friends that will escort you alongside.

These good friends are called Dolphins,they are so cute following our boat and playing with us, on several occasions our customers will end up jumping in the ocean and swim with them while taking selfies.

St Carolina is the best place to meet turtle and dugong, usually they are coming very near to the beach as they feel very well protected.

We really suggest to consider this trip during your next visit in Vilanculos, our friends are waiting to play with you…..